Nils Twelker
Web Designer & Developer
Immersive Home

Immersive Home is a hobby project of mine with the goal of envisioning on how the future of our Smart Homes could look like. I implemented an Mixed Reality Interface for XR Headsets like the Meta Quest 3 (made with Godot) for controlling your Smart Home. While it is an experimental project, my goal is to also make this available for everybody to use and with this release I'm finally at a point where I would say the experience is polished enough for more people to try it out.

Immersive Home connects to your Hub (currently Home Assistant) and enables you to interact with your devices in a completely new way. My motivation in building this app was that controlling your Smart Home with your Smartphone often is tedious in that it takes a lot of time to start the app, find the device you're looking for and then finally changing the state to the desired outcome. Dashboards are often called as a solution to this problem, but they don't fully solve the problem. You still have to remember where you placed what device in said dashboard, taking time to learn. This is especially problematic when friends, children or elderly people want to interact with your Smart Home using a Dashboard.

The solution to this problem is to map the virtual interfaces as naturally as possible to their physical counterpart. Meaning, if you want to control the blinds of a given window, you don't look for it inside an App or Dashboard, but just look at the physical window directly. This has several benefits, most notably also being able to simulate physical controls using hand tracking. Making the interaction easy to comprehend and remember.