Nils Twelker
Web Designer & Developer

Cheater is a program, which allows users to compare similar texts and their similarity. The way the program compares both texts is like the way, humans compare them, resulting in a realistic and accurate comparison.

The program is built as a webapp using Electron, allowing to build applications in HTML, CSS and JS.

Other features are:

  • Scaleable fontsize
  • Changeable colortheme
  • Supports English and German
  • Comparison of sentences and singular words
  • Inbuild tutorial, describing each feature in detail

The surce code available on gitlab:

Download v1.0.6:

To start the program, simply unzip the files and double click the "Cheater" application.


See what words matched and how similar they are.

Word Comparison

Configure font size color and language.


All features in a broad overview.

About Page